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Herbst Quarry
Herbst Insight Quarry Office – The complete office solution for the Quarry industry. Keep control of the business, starting from the initial input of a weight docket right through to the invoice. Automatic Weighbridge module, fully integrated with Accounts. Giving management complete contract & weighbridge control, full credit control, bank control, stock control, nominal ledger control, full user restrictions and unlimited Reporting on every aspect of the Quarry business.
  • Full Quarry Management System with fully integrated Accounts
  • Weighbridge Module with Manual or Automatic weighing
  • Multi-location Product Module
  • Complete Credit Control
  • Product Pricing parameters & rules
  • Haulier tracking
  • Consignee tracking
  • Time recording
  • Full user rights control & Security Log
  • Control movement of all Products
  • Fully Integrated Payroll with job Costing & Safety Requirements
  • Full reporting facility

Herbst introduces a Complete Quarry Weighbridge, Accounting & Management Solution. This programme can be connected to any electric output weighbridge and used automatically or can be used for manual weight inputs. It boasts itself on its simplicity and ease of use, with the look and feel of a Microsoft product, people feel at home with Herbst Programmes.

The simplicity comes from the basic way of inputting a weigh documents at the very start, then you just convert it into a delivery document (if required) and onwards into a sales invoice without having to re-key in the same data each time. Also no need to create every sales document from scratch each time, save yourself a lot of time and effort by cloning a weight that already exists and matches your needs, editing only the data that is different this time round. Multiple weight documents can be converted into one delivery and multiple deliveries into one invoice, establishing a firm relationship between all documents.

Each Weigh Out has 4 different types of Weigh kinds:
Sale – This involves all dispatched leaving the quarry, to be charged onto your customer.
Purchase – This kind is used for any purchases that you may have to make from outside suppliers.
Weigh Only – This will not be involved in your own accounts, but is a simple weight document – Tare, Gross and then Net.
Warehouse – This is when you can weigh in and out different goods, and keep a record of where they are stored in the meantime.
This is suitable for people who may store different goods for other people, and then charge on a storage charge to the customer.

Tracking Contracts
A lot of quarries do most of their business through Contract work, and therefore it is imperative that, their management programme tracks all Contract numbers, and their relationship with their customers. Insight Quarry programme can track all Contract numbers according to the Sales and Purchases. Therefore Insight can give an accurate costing to each Contract.

Deduction and Quantity recording
Deductions can be allowed for and recorded for reporting on at a later time. There are also ten user definable fields, which makes Herbst Quarry programme, the most customisable and flexible to suit any business’ needs (e.g. You may need to record Haulier mileage or Site location).

Haulier Records
In the weigh document, the Haulier name is selected from a pick-list – the driver name is then entered, truck registration number and trailer number if required. This is all recorded and is carried on forward and attached to the invoice at the end.
From within each haulier record, you can then look at the history i.e. the deliveries that has been made by period, by product and by transaction, allowing you to keep a full track of work that has been done for you. You can then enter a purchase invoice in relation to the Haulier.

Consignee Records
Again, the consignee is selected from a pick list in the weigh document, and in the same way, all information is tracked throughout the history of this weight, right through to when it is invoiced. Then you can check the history in the consignee record of all weigh documents relating to them.

The Weights List
The Weights list contains all weigh transactions (Weigh In and Out, weighed for sale, purchases, warehouse, weigh only). From here you can keep complete control of the weighbridge. You can create the weigh transactions – either from scratch or by cloning an existing document and just changing the relevant information. You can also convert the outstanding ones from here to delivery/receipt documents, or directly to an invoice if desired. The information in the list can be analysed from here using Herbst’s unique analyzing and totalling functions and can then be printed out.

Customer specific pricing
In the case of most Quarries, it is important to be able to use individual prices for individual customers, according to the products they buy. Insight can enable you to assign customer specific prices at product level which the system then applies when creating weigh documents/invoices for that customer. Quantity discounts can also be easily assigned.

Pricing rules / parameters
Insight permits even greater pricing flexibility by providing powerful pricing parameters capabilities, which allow extra pricing parameters to be configured according to a product’s specific requirements. For instance, if the weight of a product influences the price at which it is sold. It also caters for goods made to order, or special offer time limits. Expense & Maintenance Costs Insight has a very strong capability of storing maintenance details of all Machinery, Vehicles in the Quarry. You can then analyse these costs, and determine where your biggest expenses lie, and then be in a position to do something about it.

Bank & Cash Control
With the facility to execute all of your bank transactions through Insight (issue transfers, cheques, receive payments), Insight can give you a completely accurate “Cleared” Balance at all times in your accounts, allowing you to forecast and make important informed decisions relating to your cash flow. The Bank Ledger gives you a completely different viewpoint on your business.
A bank type statement can be viewed or compared on screen and transactions cleared against the bank statement and the bank statement number input against the transaction document.

Credit control
With so much information stored against your customers, credit control no longer has to be such a nightmare. With numerous reports and user definable views you can track your customers accounts status easily – all outstanding invoices, outstanding balance, last payment date etc. There is a Warning system that can be used to set.
In the report desktop, there is also Credit letters that you can avail of, or indeed create your own with your own wording. These letters automatically take the amount owed and last date of payment etc and use them in an informative manner to approach your customers. Insight also contains an Interest charges calculator, which can be used to charge interest on overdue accounts. There are numerous customer statements that you can use or modify according to your own business needs.

Stock Control
As the sales and purchasers ledgers are tightly integrated with the products module stock levels are easily maintained and tracked as the sales and purchases data feeds into the stock levels.
The stock reorder report facilitates stock control further by comparing the supply and demand for each product against the purchase and sales orders in the system, highlighting any current or potential shortfalls. You can see period analysis of the stock movements quantity in and out, increase /decrease in quantity, running quantity, cost in and cost out etc and you can drill down to see more information about the period’s transactions. You can also drill down on sales, purchases and stock adjustments Like all Insight’s documents, the Notes facility can keep a record of all unusual happenings, and the Reminder function allows you to highlight any dispatch dockets or weights that may need attention, or that need to be checked for example.

Report Desktop and Form Designer
There are numerous pre-configured, but highly customisable reports for each module – sales, purchases, bank and cash, nominal ledger, products etc. However, you need not be restricted to these report layouts if you find they don’t quite match your needs. You can create new reports and add/remove data items from existing reports to suit your own requirements. Plus access to reports can be restricted based on user privilege levels.

Nominal Ledger & Budget Preparation
The multi-level nominal ledger comprises a default set of accounts, which can be used as is or tailored to your business requirements. Drag and drop capability allows you to group and analyse accounts information on-line.
Insight boasts an open period architecture allowing you to post transactions in one period prior to closing the previous period where required.
Budgets can be easily prepared based on a percentage increase/decrease on previous periods or manually input.

Security & User Restrictions
Herbst Computer Software have gone to great lengths to develop a robust and comprehensive user set up and security system in Insight Quarry Programme. Insight gives you, the administrator, the ability to completely control access to sensitive information.
A complete security log tracks all changes and transactions made within the programme, and who made them. After changing a document, a comment is forced to be written to the security log to explain why the changes were made. Of course, this only applies to the users who have been granted the permission to make changes within the program.
Set up different views for different people with higher or lower levels of access. Reports can be restricted to only show the user what has been specified to them. For example, the Weighbridge operator may only see the Weighbridge module, and be restricted from seeing the bank, or the nominal ledger.

Fully Integrated Payroll
Insight is fully integrated with Herbst HRM Human Resource and Payroll package. Weekly, Fortnightly, Four-weekly and Monthly wages can be imported with one click of a button to the accounts in Insight, thereby automatically updating your nominal ledger, bank accounts and cost centre data.
Herbst HRM Payroll also facilitates for Job Costing. So, if your employees are working outside of the Quarry, you can gather this information for forward invoicing to your customer, or if you need to track what jobs the employee was working on for internal reasons, then HRM covers it all. With comprehensive Job Costing Reports, Management Reports (average pay, holiday reporting etc.), and Revenue Forms (P45, P30, P35, P60).
The ever increasing concern for safety is becoming more and more necessary now, especially with the new Safety legislation which makes it necessary for all business to have an enforce Safety statements. HRM has a complete Safety statement module, which allows you to attach statements to individual employees according to the risks involved. These statements can be printed regularly and issued to employees, where they sign them, and give them back. Therefore, the company is covered for insurance purposes.
HRM also has a complete Accident Module, which logs all accidents that occur, and reflect them on the employees involved. You can store all details of machinery involved, and insurance details etc. These modules in HRM change it from being a Payroll package, to becoming a complete Human Resource Manager with fully integrated accounts.

Data migration
Data migration from an existing system couldn’t be easier with the Insight data migration wizard and within hours, you can be realising the benefits of a comprehensive yet easy to use business system.
No Quarry should be without a management tool like this. The beauty is the on-line information, which allows management to look at Insight and get a comprehensive on-line analysis of the companies financial and distribution status.