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Herbst Manufacturing

With modules devised and developed specifically for the Manufacturing industry, this is the most complete software solution you will find for your business on the market today.

  • Job costing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Work Orders
  • Assembly
  • Procurement Management
  • Account management
  • Credit control
  • Time Tracking (Attendance)

Are some of the components specific to manufacturing businesses looking to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, manage costs and grow revenue.

Save Time and Money

We integrate all your disparate systems, bringing

  • Accounts/Financial Management
  • Credit Management
  • Account Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Document Management

And those manufacturing business components above together into a cohesive cost effective system that allows you streamline your operations and give you a unified view of information across your organisation.

From the time you first implement this system your business will experience cost savings by improving production, providing added management information and reducing the amount of paperwork involved in handling everything from purchase, manufacture and assembly to dispatch, delivery, invoicing and stock control. All these processes are seamlessly integrated into one fully functioning financial, management and operations system.

Fully Integrated Accounting

A complete and integrated accounting system improves efficiencies and increases productivity whilst providing up to the minute information on all financial aspects of both the overall business and each active product.

All transactions are registered as and when they happen, automatically updating the nominal ledger, reducing paper, improving accuracy and eliminating replication. Once implemented the solution automatically reduces non productive daily operations and empowers your business by providing the tools to monitor, control, adjust and report on all aspects of your finances in real-time.

Credit is continually controlled by the system. Cash flow management is enhanced with facilities for multiple credit limits, customised debtor letters, specifically allocated account managers and instant access to all account transactions and correspondence.

Manage Sales and Service

Stock, quotation and customer data are easy to enter and maintain ensuring you always have up-to-date information. Customer specific prices and trading and payment terms can be created for particular product and will be applied when creating quotations or invoices for those customers. Where no customer specific prices exist the system will apply default sales prices and other pricing parameters you set for your products.

Complete traceability is provided within each product area and for each customer with a “click and drill” facility that allows you retrieve all related documents, saving considerable time and ensuring you and your staff react appropriately to all situations.

The system ensures that all correspondence is logged, it provides an account “freeze” facility, enables contra arrangements and provides summary analysis of all customer and supplier interactions both current and historic.

The Information You Need to Increase Revenue

Avail of easy to use analytical tools for analyzing customer sales. Highlight service opportunities, avail of direct marketing functionality and automate your customer account management.

Spot risks, see trends and control your income through the use of integrated customer relationship management software that provides you with the tools to manage your customer relationships effectively and profitably.

Secure, Cost Effective and Easy to Use

This Windows based turnkey solution has built in functions to allow YOU customise user interfaces, enforce mandatory conditions and restrict access permissions.

A proven solution that will improve efficiency, increase sales, simplify production, automate operations, reduce administration, produce real-time information and empower management to delegate with control.

HERBST MANUFACTURING business software, the complete solution for your manufacturing business. Please contact us for further information


Fully Integrated accounting system
Live Profit and Loss
Payroll (Ireland)
Banks Transfers
Vehicle and Machinery Costing
Multi Departments
Multi Currency
Cash flow management
Integrated Credit Card Authorisation
Credit Control Modules
Reports (sales, finance, creditor, purchases etc.)
Telesales Interface with Phone Integration
Contracts and Account Management
Integrated CRM with SMS
eCommerce/Customer Web Portals
Advance Pricing (size/waste type/spoilage)
Lead Generation, Quotations, Follow-up
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Real Time Control and Accounting
Location and Branch Management
Stock Management
Purchase Management
Credit Management
Sales Management
Product Traceability (lot no., batch no.)
Job costing
Bill of Materials
Work Orders
Procurement Management
Special Prices Management
Account Management and Credit Control
Time and Attendance (Time tracking)
Customisation of reports and forms
Document scanning(POD)
Human Resource Management(HRM)