Herbst HRM


Herbst HRM      
Human Resource Management System with full Irish Payroll
Every business has unique needs. Finding a perfect Human Resource & Payroll Software for your firm can be difficult. In fact finding a Software Package that can do both is nearly impossible.Not any more with Herbst Human Resource Manager with full Payroll, we’ve created a perfect product to make it easy for you and for your business to manage personnel.

A comprehensive HRM & Payroll System automatically computes PAYE & PRSI; Holiday Pay & Entitlement; Leave, Sick, and Personal Time; Disability, and much more.

HRM generates the most comprehensive reports of any HRM & Payroll software on the market for small, mid-sized or large businesses.
Herbst HRM is an advanced, comprehensive human resource and payroll system designed for companies or payroll service bureaux processing payroll for companies. Completely customisable. It can be configured for each company’s unique requirements to accommodate virtually any payroll, from the most basic to the most complex. In addition, HRM includes the capability to process End of Year Reports including P60 return and P35 on a floppy disk to Revenue Commissioners.

Sophisticated and packed with features, yet easy enough for a novice to use. Simply enter company and employee information. Use default tax setup and rates for immediate payroll processing. Wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits are automatically computed for each individual.

It also produces a comprehensive variety of reports, and writes payroll checks.Herbst Human Resource Manager with full Payroll is a completely integrated solution with comprehensive functionality in all areas that touch work-lives of your employees and contractors.

HRM enables Human Resource Managers to maintain detailed information on every employee within the organisation. Employee data is organised around a central screen containing information that provides an overview of the employee. Numerous sub-screens can be accessed from the central employee details screen, which contain additional information on the employee. A variety of reports is available with user-defined selection, sorting and filtering capabilities as well.

Training and Development can be tracked, planned and scheduled for in-house and external training courses. Log an employee’s progress with the company. Make notes of further training required. Complete training plans and histories are kept for each employee. Future training requirements, such as professional re-certification, can be scheduled as part of each employee’s educational profile.

Your employees are the greatest asset in the company and most likely also your greatest expense. To analyse, evaluate and look after this asset is vital for good management. HRM is designed to do this effectively.

A unique user defined “on line, no paper” Herbst Quick view Grid enables management to see any vital information instantly and have managerial information always at hand if desired with the correct user rights. Export information quickly to any Microsoft Product, e.g. Word, Excel etc.

Employee Record

An Employee Record in HRM becomes more than just a name and number.
A comprehensive overview of employee history includes: –

Personal Record
Other Holidays, Pay Rise Information
Working Agreements
Safety Statement Notes
Accident Record
So What’s Different?

Accident Reports – Keep a record of employee accidents and injuries. Log the action taken and the cost of the injury to the company. All accidents are attached to the employee record for future reference.
Safety Statement – This critical document, required by all insurance companies once written can be attached to each employee record. Ensuring your company will never be lacking when it comes to safety legislation. Review and edit your safety statement directly from within Herbst HRM.
Working Agreement – A working agreement can be attached to all employee records, these can be individual to each employee and should they need reviewing edit them directly.

Running Payroll

Despite the fact that Herbst HRM is packed full with useful and powerful features, anyone with little or no payroll experience will find it quick and easy to use. We have broken the payroll routine down into three easy steps.

Time Sheet Entry – Quick and easy entry of timesheets, whether hours or fixed rate.

Calculate Payroll – Either calculate or undo your previous calculation.

Routine Listings – Efficiently print all your routine reports.
Or simply Batch Report your payslips, summary reports (adjustment summary, payment summary and P30 report).