Herbst Agri/Food


Herbst Agri/Food

The next generation off-the-shelf specialised integrated management / accounting systems for business within the food and Agriculture. Herbst Agri/Food provides the management with a solid foundation, incorporating all fundamental aspects of running the whole business with through one integrated solution. Gain tremendous cost savings and service improvements across the enterprise. Business performance can be monitored and controlled in much more effective fashion than ever before. Empowering senior management with real-time visibility of all processes.

A comprehensive sales ledger which empowers the sales manger to coordinate, standardise, monitor and manage in real-time. Delegate while also facilitating the sales team to be more efficient and effective not only externally with clients but also internally with other departments. Enforce mandatory minimum margins and account credit restrictions. Avail of easy to use analytical tools for analyzing customer/product historical sales. Highlight cross selling opportunities and automate more cost effective proactive account management.

Fully integrated customer relations management interface helps you focus the business by giving you the tools to manage your traders more effectively, and get a clear view of the way forward.

Produce and manage sale and purchase quotations, orders & deliveries .Manage potential customers in focused views with individual variables enabling one to more effectively follow-up and forecast sales pipelines.

A complete integrated stock management solution, capable of handling thousands of stock items. Deliveries, returns, GRN and Multiple locations all handled to give real-time visibility on stock.

An integrated weighbridge componentn allows you enter weight dockets directly in to the system with include commodity variables (i.e. protein, moisture, bushel, trace details).

Credit Control is something considered throughout. Facilitate proactive and reactive ways to improve the businesses cash flow. multiple credit limits, customised debtor letters, allocate account managers, instant access to due transactions, keep note & log all correspondence, instantly freeze any account, enable contras, have popup, view summary analysis of previous historical behaviour patterns.

A financial controllers dream come true. The heart of the system is the nominal ledger even though few employees may have access to the nominal’s. Catching nearly all transactions as they happen while automatically updating the nominal ledger greatly reduces paper chasing and replication. Once implemented the solution automatically cuts back on many none productive daily operations. Empowering accounts with the time & tools to monitor, control, adjust and report in real-time. Having complete traceability within each individual document combined with the “click & drill” function to any related documents overcomes many potentially time consuming obscurities instantly.

Herbst comes as standard with a comprehensive range of reports working with your real-time information. P&L, Trial Balance, VAT, VIES, Intrastate, Working Capital, Sales, Purchases & product.

As standard the solution comes with a set of wizards to simplify certain procedures. Like stock takes, VAT Claims, product reordering, create due periodical transactions, interest service charges, bank reconciliation, BOM recipe requirements.

Group, sort, filter, analyse & chart within the system itself. Excel export available, but less necessary as you can easily customise and save the screen views in the format you need.

Equip the frontline employees with the specialised interface and relevant information they need to do their job efficiently and effectively. Accounts, purchasing, sales, inventory, assembly, dispatch and management all have their different requirement and expectations which the system bestows.

This Windows based turnkey solution has built in functions to allow one to customised individual user interfaces, enforce mandatory conditions and restrict access permissions. A modular & scalable solution for SME to midsized businesses specialising in distribution.

A proven solution that will improve stock efficiency, increase sales, simplify operations, reduce administration, produce real-time information and empower management to delegate with control.

The system has a large number of shortcut utilities to facilitate a busy employee working often in multi tasking telephone environment. Quick find, quick view, quick entry, clone & change, quick edit, split screen views with complete drill down to real-time information

Enable management keep close watch on the relevant matters which concern them. Real-time views that allow senior management see the woods from the trees at a glance. Drill down to original documents.

A dynamic flexible system that grows and adapts in line with your business needs.

Key Benefits

Stock Management
Credit Control Management
Sales Management
Point of sale interface
Purchase management
Dispatch management
Account Management
Product traceability (Lot No., batch no.)
Advanced customer and product budgeting
Bar-coding support
Work Order Scheduling
BOM and subassemblies
Integrated CRM
Customer and suppliers web portals and E-shop
EDI (Celerity)
Integrated Credit card authorisation
Electronic File Transfer with banks
Live Profit and Loss
Location & Branch management
CTI phone integration
Advance pricing (matrix, discounting, categories)
Mobile Handheld solutions
Multi currency
Cash flow management
Product assembly
Goods Returned
Back to back orders
Customisation of reports and forms
Document scanning (POD)